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Comparison is the Thief of Joy: How to Run Your Own Race!

March 24, 2023 Jessica Thompson Season 1 Episode 51
Rockstar Mindset
Comparison is the Thief of Joy: How to Run Your Own Race!
Show Notes

In this episode of Rockstar Mindset, we are talking about comparison being the thief of joy. Comparing ourselves and our situations to others is very unhealthy but unfortunately, it’s something that we all do, at least I do. I’ve had struggles with comparing my fitness journeys with others, my parenting style, my nutrition, and even comparing friendships.

The truth is that not only is comparison the thief of joy, but it also holds us back from truly flourishing in our lives. It’s difficult to get 1% better every day when you are grounded because you don’t measure up to someone else. Truthfully speaking, you don’t know what’s behind the “success” of the person that you don’t think you measure up to. It’s critical that we develop a sincere & organic vision for ourselves and not be distracted by the illusion of what others may or may not be doing.

This episode is a reminder to run your own race and be happy with the progress that you make each and every day! Enjoy!

Takeaways 💎💎💎

⭐️ Numbers do not define you! 

⭐️ There is a healthy way to look at comparison but ultimately we are on our own journey.

⭐️ Move forward by doing YOUR best every day.

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