Rockstar Mindset

Grateful Hearts! W/ Brooke Patton

November 04, 2022 Jessica Thompson Season 1 Episode 31
Rockstar Mindset
Grateful Hearts! W/ Brooke Patton
Show Notes

In this episode of Rockstar Mindset, I am joined by the beautiful Brooke Patton. Brooke is a top Newulife distributor, rockstar mom, and all-around badass!

Brooke and I are sharing how grateful we are for the wins that we have experienced in our lives and the trials that we had to overcome to get to this point. Brooke also shares her personal story of how she got started with Newulife and the impact that the products have had on her life.

This is a very powerful episode with a very powerful person who just so happens to have a very powerful message! Check it out! 

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