Rockstar Mindset

What Does HGH Do To Your Body? w/ John Burton

October 28, 2022 Jessica Thompson Season 1 Episode 30
Rockstar Mindset
What Does HGH Do To Your Body? w/ John Burton
Show Notes

In this episode of Rockstar Mindset, I am joined by John Burton. John is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, a musician, and a truck driver. John is also someone who has had their life transformed and has seen the life of his loved ones transformed with HGH (Human Growth Hormones).

John started using HGH to combat a long battle with inflammation, sleep apnea, and other chronic issues, but what really opened his eyes to the power of HGH was seeing its impact on his mother. John’s mother suffered from a stroke and lost feeling in the left side of her body. After trying HGH, John’s mother began to have nerves in her arm fire back up that had been stagnant for years.

Listen as Jessica and John share very personal stories about how HGH has brought many benefits to their lives and has greatly impacted those near and dear to their hearts. You don’t want to miss this one!

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