Rockstar Mindset

Get Out of Your Head and Move Your Body!

October 14, 2022 Jessica Thompson Season 1 Episode 28
Rockstar Mindset
Get Out of Your Head and Move Your Body!
Show Notes

In this episode of Rockstar Mindset, we’re talking about getting out of your head and moving your body! We, humans, tend to overthink sometimes. We can get in our heads and get in the way of what’s truly best for us. One of the best gifts that we have is the ability to move. This is something that we take for granted but is a very important part of our lives.

When we move our bodies, we feel better, look better, and ultimately live longer. However, we won’t move our bodies because we get in our heads about getting a gym membership, getting workout clothes, or even being intimidated by how much further along others are in their fitness journeys. The truth is that none of those matters. All we need to do is walk around the house, walk down the street, dance while doing laundry, etc. There are so many ways to simply move our bodies during our everyday routines.

I can relate to this so much because before I started CrossFit, I got in my head a lot! I had so many misconceptions about it, and I was very intimidated. I now realize that CrossFit is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. The purpose of this episode is to get you out of your head and to get you moving your body! Moving your body is key to unlocking good health and living a longer life. Enjoy!

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